Friday, March 3, 2017


I want to redo the existing cabinets in the kitchen (old-school wood grain type)...we have the same cabinets in the laundry room, so I decided to try it out in there first. Because of the small size and angle of the laundry room, its impossible to get a photo of the whole room, but here are some close ups of the cabinets. See previous post about redoing the floor and adding molding if you are interested!

This project took a lot longer than I thought because even with a paint/primer combo paint it took at least 5 coats before you couldn't see the dark wood grain peeking through.

I used white paint, polycrylic, and chalk that I already had from another project, plus some extra knobs that I had leftover from a dresser makeover. So my total out of pocket cost was $0

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