Wednesday, May 18, 2016


Our laundry room was so sad looking that I didn't even want to take a "before" picture. I would usually just keep the door closed so I wouldn't have to look at it.  

This photo shows the original tile, molding, and vent as I had just started
adding the new (stick-on) tile, removing the old molding, and painting the walls. This wasn't difficult to do, but I was very pregnant and had to do break this job up over many days

I also painted spray-painted the vent cover in a metallic silver (2 coats, then a clear coat because the door to the garage slides over the top. Its held up perfectly for months now

As you can see from the bottom of the photo, I took the laundry room door off (the door between the hallway and the laundry room) in order to paint and update the floor molding. I had intended to put it back on, but when I realized how much extra room there was without a door there, I decided to leave it off.  This left some unattractive holes in the door frame molding from the door hinges and doorknob latch. I got the idea to cover the holes with strips of wood from this website:
This is the finished (painted) door frame they show on the website- looks awesome! 
Here is a close up of my door frame now- it needed to be painted anyhow, so its going to look great when its done! PAINTING THE DOORFRAME AND HALLWAY IS NEXT!  

LAUNDRY ROOM RE-DO COST: $40.00 (peel & stick tiles, molding, wood strips)

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