Sunday, May 17, 2015

Brick makeovers #1 & #2

Original brick (and halfway through process of painting the walls & molding). I hated how the multicolored brick looked - to me, the white & black splotches were reminiscent of bird-poop.

I painted the black & white parts of the brick, so that they were all a more uniform color. But I never finished the bottom section because I just wasn't sure about having all that red with the new gray wall color. So instead, I finished painting the molding and walls of the room, and procrastinated finishing the brick painting.

I finally decided I wasn't happy with how the red brick looked with the new gray wall paint - the color looked very blue, instead of gray. I decided that the problem was the red brick. So, on a whim, I started painting the brick white & gray. After I'd done about a dozen bricks, John walked into the room and asked, "WHAT are you DOING?" Uhhhhhhhh....nothing?

More painting 

The final result - and the walls now look gray like they're supposed to! And every time John walks into the room,
he says, "That looks SO much better!"

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  1. oh yes, that is a HUGE improvement! i confess, i saw the red and while i liked it better than the original color, i was not feeling it. you definitely got it right in the end, though! i'm enjoying your blog! :)